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Site solitude for Computer and Video Gamers and all related with Computer Games.
    Our intension is to make a site for all, who are affected with Computer and Video Games,
                                                                     nothing more and nothing less.

First of all....Who First Come, Will Be First Served. So the first on a linkpage, 
                                                                    will be the first on that page.

Charges :
- The highlighted pictures right above will be Euro 20.-/month/piece and will be visible
                                                    in all other pages (size is 115 by 166 pixels).
- In the middle of the homepage the first layer will be a charge of Euro 15.-/month/piece,
       the second layer Euro 12.50/month/piece, 
          the third and furhter on will be Euro 10.-/month/piece (size is 150 by about 220 pixels).
- On the linkpages fees are Euro 20.-/year/piece for all the pages at the moment, 
                                                             these prices will go up in the future.
Email: info@games-directory.org 
For 2007/08 all charges are free if you make a reciprocal
link from your homepage (a hidden link will do fine too).
But paying sites will be on TOP of the PAGE.

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